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Is caring for your patients causing you stress and creating a memory fatigue?

We understand that a transplants doctor’s life is not easy.

We understand that a transplants doctor’s life is not easy. As the scope of your transplant program increases, number of patients you see goes up. It becomes increasingly challenging to remotely manage your patients.

It is difficult to exactly recall all the relevant details of a pre-transplant evaluation for every patient on your waiting list.
It becomes cumbersome to manage post transplant patients as they contact you over phone or mail or WhatsApp.

Transplant medicine is a balancing act, you can not base the medicine dosage based on just the recent labs. You need to see trending labs, which is impossible to get from scanned copies of path lab reports that patients send by mail.
You need to know if, when and why your patients are lost to follow-up, but there is no easy way to do that.

These are some very obvious problems that you, the transplant doctors face. Navigating through patient’s history without a proper tool is a difficult job.

Not any more!

Now you have the Transplant Care app that works for you silently, so that you focus on what matters most to you, your patient’s care.

Download Transplant Doctor app now. Contact us for pricing details.