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One app to bridge the gaps in lifelong care.

As transplant patient you need life long care and monitoring. From symptoms to medicines, keep track of everything  in your transplant care. Access it from anywhere any time. Connect with your doctors easily.

Why An App? What’s wrong with Excel and WhatsApp?

Most organ transplant centers will ask you  to record  your lab results and medicine dosage in an Excel file.

You need to send it to the transplant coordinator. They may even ask you to send reports on WhatsApp.

The Transplant Care App

It is a result of many years of research in managing transplant patients data and managing the outcomes.

How Does the App Work

Specific to organ and your phase.

When your transplant center  creates your account they  select your organ. Depending on  if you are waiting for a transplant or already transplanted, you will be automatically guided to parameters most relevant to your organ type and specific to your stage, prior or after the transplant.

Is My Data Safe?

Where Will  It Reside?

Your data will reside in a secure and well protected server specially created to store data of the transplant patients. You will be able to access your data anywhere any time. Your data will not be lost if you lose your mobile phone. No one will be able to tamper your data.

Can my doctors see my data?

Your transplant center.

Your transplant center will register you. Only your doctor will be informed when you add your lab tests or any other medical data. Your doctor  can send you prescription and other instructions using the app. No one else will be able to see your data.

How Does It Help Me?


As an organ transplant patient, you now need a life time of care.

Recording and Tracking

You can record every medical detail now, your blood reports, medicines, symptoms, ultra sound or CT scans. If you fall ill its important that you inform your transplant center. Access all  your data, see it as a table or see the trend charts. Your App will be your most faithful companion.

The snapshot shows upward trend in blood sugar over 3 years.

Perils of using wrong tools

Our vision to transform your care!

The transplant care app is part of our larger mission to reduce the gaps in your care as the care cycle is fragmented between different hospitals and different doctors. 80% of the time transplant care needs to be managed and monitored from home. We have recognized the need to integrate your home generated data into the decision pool for your attending doctors. The transplant care app is derived from our larger offering GridSenseHealth that is created for the organ transplant centers to manage transplant care seamlessly and in a proactive manner. We bring you the benefits that larger and bigger transplant centers offer to their patients.