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What Is Registration?

When your doctors realize that your organ is really very badly affected they will advise you to go for an organ transplantation. However transplantation surgery requires that some one should be ready to give you an organ.

There are agencies in each state in India that are responsible for managing organ donation and allocation. They maintain list of patients who are in need of organ. You need to register so that your name will be added to the waiting list.

Your transplant center will take care of your registration. You need to give them the documents such as your proof of nationality, address, date of birth and your blood group.

Types of Donors

Living donors are people who donate a kidney or a portion of their liver. For organs such as kidney and liver it is possible to get these from living persons. We are born with two kidneys and it is totally safe to donate one healthy kidney to a sick person. Or donate a part of liver.

Deceased donors are patients who are declared brain dead by an expert committee of medical specialists and whose family agrees to donate the organs of such a person.

Please make a note paying money for an organ from a living or a dead person is a crime in our country.

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Living Donor

A person who is a close relation such as a spouse, parents, children or siblings are the only living donors allowed under the organ  transplant law in India. A living donor however close to you must be willing to donate without any pressure or compulsions. Paying or intimidation of a donor is illegal and unethical.

Even when a close relative is willing to donate, the donor’s  blood group has to be compatible with your blood group. In addition the doctors will do a thorough medical examination of the person to make sure that the donor is a good ,match for you. The transplant center will do a complete medico-legal and psychological evaluation of the donor. The donor should be mentally and medically fit to withstand the surgery required to remove the donors organ.

Brain Dead Donor

A brain dead patient is a patient who is declared to be brain dead by the authorized committee.

Brain death occurs when a person suffers a severe trauma to the brain. This may happen when a person meets with a road traffic accident or there is a severe internal bleeding due to other reasons. Due to a massive damage the brain dies and is not able to control the functions of the body anymore. This kind of brain damage is irreversible and not even best of the doctors can revive a brain dead patient.

There is an expert team of doctors who has to follow a rule book before a person is declared brain dead.

However organs of such a person could be used to save patients who are suffering from an end stage organ failure.

Common Concerns


Can I Register for  a Living Donor?

No, for a living donor is no registration required. The hospital has an ethics committee. When you have identified a close relative who is ready to donate an organ to you and once the doctors find the donor compatible and medically fit, they will direct you to make an application to get the approval from the ethics committee.

What is a Swap Donor?

For kidney patients there is a provision to swap kidneys. In case you have a healthy willing donor but whose blood group does not match with yours there is a possibility of a swap.

You should let the transplant center know about the details of your willing donor. In case there is another patient who is in a similar situation and  that patient’s  donor is a good match for you and your donor is a good match for the other patient then the two donors could swap kidneys for you and the other patient.

When Will I Get An Organ?

There really is no way to answer this question. It depends on how many patients are already waiting before you. Sometimes you may be lucky that when the organ becomes available, other ahead of you are not fit enough to undergo a transplant. Then you stand a good chance. However it may happen that some one registered after you but is very sick and the allocation committee may have to allocate organ to such a patient. However, do understand that organ allocation is not a decision of any one individual. It is a decision of a committee and it is based on a well established medical guidelines.

Should I Register at Multiple Places?

There are multiple transplant centers and multiple designated agencies that manage the waiting lists for transplant patients. Transplant centers fall under zones or in some cases under states. You are not allowed to list at multiple transplant hospitals in the same city.

You can list at transplant centers in different states. That way you could increase your chance of getting an organ faster. Your transplant center will usually guide you to list at multiple places.

You can also refer to the list of agencies that are operating organ allocation program in India.

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