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Facing an end stage organ disease is unfortunate enough!

Why should your treatment suffer because a critical lab report is misplaced or lost?

Your hospital files get heavier as you live through your transplantation. Paper reports can get lost or damaged. The CT scan report that you lost last year could be very important for your treatment today. When you travel, for work or for pleasure, your have to carry paper files, just in case anything goes wrong.  Carrying your medical history in your app is so much easier and useful than carrying many kilos of paper files. Data on paper is passive and not very useful.

Your medical data in your app,  could  tell your doctor quickly and easily if there are any signs to worry, well before things go bad.

That is above all the most important reason for you to use the app. The app could help in saving you from complications.

How Does It Help Me?

As an organ transplant patient, you now need a life time of care.

Using the app you can :- Fill in daily observations Report lab results Record workup lab results Upload MRI and other radiology reports Notify doctor on symptoms or complications Receive prescriptions and doctor’s advice

This snapshot shows blood sugar levels of a transplant patient over 3 years. The chart makes it easy to spot the upward trend and the doctor can order lab tests for diabetes.

Important Points to be Noted About the Transplant Care app

How Does the App Work

Specific to organ and your phase.

When your transplant center creates your account, they will select your organ. You will be automatically guided to parameters most relevant to your organ type and specific to your stage.

Is My Data Safe?

Where Will  It Reside?

Your data will reside in a secure and well protected server. Your data will not be lost if you lose your mobile phone. No one will be able to tamper your data.

Can my doctors see my data?

Your Transplant Center

Your transplant center will create your account on paying of fees. Only your  transplant  doctors will be able to access your data.

Simple steps to get started now

Transplant care app – a revolutionary solution to  streamline and simplify  your  organ transplant care!