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Is this app safe and secure for patients?

We understand that you do not want your patient’s health and health data to be compromised in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions by the Doctors

1. I am the head of my transplant center and we manage the patients as a team? How can we use Transplant Care app?

Though this FREE version is designed for one-on-one interaction with the patients, we do allow sharing of the account we create for any one doctor from the transplant center, preferably the head of the team. Each of your team member (coordinators or doctors) can download the app on their phone. There is no limit on downloads.

Should you have a need for more collaboration and role-based access within your transplant center, we can offer you a transplant-center version of the software. Write to us for more details at “support@transplantcare.org”

2. I have downloaded the app and also got my account details. I do not see any patients.

You need to tell your patients to download the Transplant Care app for patients. Then the patients need to register you as their Attending Doctor. Only then will you be able to see your patients.

3. Will doctors from other transplant centers be able to see my patient’s name or contact details?

NO, you alone will be able to see your patients’ names and contact details.

4. Will from other transplant centers be able to see any detail about the medicines I prescribe to my patients?

NO, no information of any of your patients, personal, demographic or medical will be visible to any other doctor using this app. You patient alone  will be notified when you change the dosage or change the care plan.

5. Will the patients be able to see a a list of the other transplant doctors using the Transplant app?

NO, patients are able to see only the information that they add about their own medical condition. They do not have access to names of other doctors or patients using the app.

6. Will the Transplant Care.org service try to influence patient’s choice of their transplant doctor?

NO, patients alone decide who they want to add as their attending doctor.

7. How does Transplant Care verify doctor’s credentials?

We speak to the doctors who download the app, we confirm that they are indeed registered as transplant doctors. We do not rate the doctors. Our concern is that only registered practitioners should have access to the app.

Please note that no service from the app can be accessed by the doctor, unless your patient decides to give you access.

8. How will my patients know if I am using the Transplant care app?

Only when you tell them.

When a patient adds your name as their attending doctor in the app, you will receieve an e-mail message. 

You  have the option  to decline the request if the request is not genuine you or you do not wish to attend to that patient for your own reasons.

9. Using the Transplant Care app is it possible for a transplant doctor to download patient’s data or forward it to another doctor?

NO. Please also note that no data is stored on your phone. Only when you are connected to the Internet, will you be able to access the patient data.If you ever misplace or lose your phone, inform us and we will disconnect your account, so that no one else is allowed access to the app.

10. Is it possible to share my app with my transplant center team?

No. This app is designed for one to one contact with your patient. 

11. What if I find that the medicines that I prescribe are not there in the app?

No problem, you can add your own medicine names, dosage as well as any special instructions.

12. Will I be liable to any penalties if I miss out seeing the labs and not provide prescription to the patient?

No, in our terms and conditions we have stated it very clearly that the patients should contact the transplant doctor in case of all emergencies or if they do not get any response form the doctor via the app. You should also make it clear to your patients.

13. How much do I have to pay for this app?

As part of the promotional offer this app is being offered FREE to you as well as to your patients as  for unspecified period.  We will announce if and when we change the policy. It will be our goal  to keep this a very affordable to the patients.

14. What do I do to get my patients to use the app?

Simply tell your patients to go to Transplant Care web site  and download the app.

15. Who will provide help to my patients in using the app?

We have a help line for the patients and will take care of that. We have created a 4-fould pocket guide for patients and the copies of which are available.

Please write to support@transplantcare.org for the same. You can stock the copies in your clinic and hand it out to patients.

16. I have a large number of patients in the post-follow up mode. Can they use the app?

Yes, absolutely. Send us the list of patients, we will work with them.

17. Will I lose my patients if they start using the app and I do not?

No.  Patients can continue to use the app to keep track of their health in a stand-alone mode.

They can contact you in the same manner  as they have done so far.

However even as a stand-alone app, it is beneficial to the patients to have the app.

Patients  can keep a record of their health using the app. 

When the patients  walk in to your OPD for consultation, it will help you see the trends and that is also very helpful. 

If you still have any more queries or concerns, please contact us at support@transplantcare.org.