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Transplant care is a life long journey!

Without proper preparation and planning, the climb is steep! Follow the protocol and be watchful of symptoms. Missing lab tests or medicines could be dangerous.

Follow Your Protocol

Your immunosuppression medicine  is the key to your good health.  Repeat your lab tests as advised by your doctor. Share your lab results with your doctor as soon as the tests are done. your medicine dosage will be based on your latest lab results.  Record your daily vitals as advised. Take your medicines on time, every time.

Stay fit, avoid infections.

It is very important to have a healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly, get back to your normal routine.  Your transplant medicines are meant to keep your immunity low. Avoid going into crowded places as people who are unwell could pass on their infections to you. Avoid eating food that may not be cooked in clean and hygienic conditions.

Do not ignore small things

Do not ignore anything; be it any abnormal symptoms or any new health problem. A mild fever or occasional chills may not bother you, but it could be an indication of something going wrong slowly. Record every small thing in your app. Share it with your doctors.  Let your doctor decide what is best ignored and what needs to be treated on priority.

Alerts and reminders! Don’t miss a single lab test or a medicine dose.

comma02_white  Your transplant center will tell you what blood tests you need to repeat and how frequently. This schedule is extremely important. Missing your lab tests or skipping medicines can be fatal. Your App will remind you when your tests are due. It will alert you when your doctor changes your medicines. Transplant Care App your  companion for life.

Get a total picture with quick and meaningful views.

comma02_white   This App  is powered by deep knowledge about your condition.The App will automatically track parameters critical to your condition. Shifts  in your recovery trends will get correlated with your overall health. If there is  a sudden change, the app will  show your medicine dosage and  any serious health problems that caused the blip.