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Advised an organ transplant? Worried!

You never expected it. Do not worry,  you are not alone. Transplant Care is your community to address your  fears and concerns. We bring experts and fellow patients together.

Waiting time for organ could be uncertain.

There are other patients ahead of you on the waiting lists. Manage your health well to avoid new complications. Follow the treatment, repeat lab tests on time and  and share results with your transplant doctor.

Transplant is the only treatment for end stage disease

End stage organ failure can be life threatening. Do not fall prey to false promises of unproven treatment. Unfortunately there is no other magic. Register for organ today.

Successful transplant is a second chance!

However the risk of rejection is lifelong. Skipping medicines or lab tests can be fatal. Keep track of all your parameters and share these with your doctor.

TransplantCare.Org is your community.

Created by people like you, for people like you.

Transplant Care App

Transplant Care App is designed to  follow your progress from pre-transplant evaluation to post transplant care. Use the app to enter your lab results and scanned copies of your ultrasound and CT reports. Record symptoms if you notice anything unusual. Your doctor will be immediately notified.

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Transplant Care Community

Transplantation is a rare treatment. There will be doubts and anxieties in your mind. We bring together patients and families facing the most difficult moments in their lives. Living donors are the real heroes. We will bring you stories from the donors, patients, and their the near and dear ones.

Share your stories.

Transplant Center Experts

Transplant Experts

The Transplant Care community will be  guided by the transplant doctors. We have access to  some of the best transplant centers. The doctors and their teams who work hard at giving you that second chance in life will answer your questions. We will reach out to these experts for you.

Send your queries.

Record and access your medical data, any where any time for lifetime!

Transplant Care App is specially designed to cover all your needs :-

  • Your stage, whether  listed or  transplanted
  • Organ specific protocol of lab tests and medicines
  • Organ specific symptoms likely to occur
  • Disease specific complications

Expert Speak

We invite the most experienced and accomplished experts from the organ transplantation field to talk to you. They will share their words of wisdom and help you make timely decisions so that you are on your way to recovery .

Overview of Pediatric Liver Transplantation
Overview of Pediatric Liver Transplantation

Liver Transplantation is a lifesaving treatment option for children with serious liver disorder. Liver disease affects newborns, toddlers and teenagers and has many adverse effects — not only on liver function, but also on the child’s growth, development and intellectual achievement. Pediatric liver transplant sits on the pinnacle of pediatric surgical endeavor. There are challenges like the infrastructure, lack of awareness both in general public and the physician community, cost and finances. We have worked hard to overcome all these challenges especially for pediatric liver transplantation. We can offer liver transplantation to every deserving child.

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Our Recent Experts

Dr. Manish Varma, Head of Department of Liver Transplant, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad

Dr Vinay Kumaran, Liver Transplant and HPB Surgeon.

Dr. Ashish Sharma, Associate Professor, Renal Transplant Surgeon

    Stories of grit and dedication

Living donors are the greatest heroes of the organ transplant story. They show the courage and the commitment to their loved ones. To a patient just told to get an organ transplant, there is nothing like hearing from those patients who have been there. Patient who have lived through the organ transplantation journey inspire others by sharing their highs and lows. And the loved ones and near ones who have stood by the patient can share their experiences and be the friend, mentor and a guide to those now embarking this journey.

Biliary Atresia : A Tale of a Little Hero

    Kavya Vivek Raut, a 9 month old baby, weighing only 5.6 kg is one of the smallest babies to undergo a successful liver transplant surgery. He received a hyper reduced left lateral lobe living donor liver transplant on June 14, 2018. This is a tale of nine months,...

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My Journey from Being a Liver Donor to a Fitness Enthusiast

Abhishek Deshmukh, “Yes you read it right, I donated liver to my father, but that did not stop me from resuming my gym or the rigorous fitness regime I was so accustomed to. When I was told that my Dad was going to need a liver transplant and that a living person can also donate part of the liver…”

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